Wellness Journal

  • How to Prepare your Body for the Seasonal Shifts of Fall

    In our modern world, we tend to become more disconnected with seasonal changes happening outside our window. Heating and AC control our climate while produce flown in from Mexico ensures we never have to go a day without strawberries. Even everyday conveniences like indoor lighting forge a disconnection to what is happening outdoors.
  • The Dirty Raven’s Iced Tea Recipe: Sunshine Restored

    We paired up with certified Plant Wiz The Dirty Raven to help us celebrate the fruits of the summer season using our Adaptogenic Super Tea as the canvas. He used our Restore Tomato and Turmeric blend to create an iced tea recipe that is bursting with plant power - try it for yourself!
  • 3 Adaptogenic Mocktail Recipes

    Rael Petit is an internationally acclaimed mixologist, crafting unique libation menus for events, restaurants, and luxury resorts in Switzerland, The Bahamas, NYC, The Hamptons and pretty much everywhere in between. Using our Adaptogenic Super Tea as a canvas, Rael crafted 3 unique mocktail recipes below to help you beat the heat in these waning summer weeks.
  • 5 Ways to Fight Inflammation Naturally

    Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting infections and healing. Acute inflammation is a valuable and necessary step within our body’s immune response. However, in some situations, inflammation can last longer than it needs to and lead to long term disease or illness. The good news is, subtle modifications to your diet and lifestyle can reduce inflammation within your body today and help prevent long term illness tomorrow.
  • How to Make Clover Adaptogenic Iced Tea

    Get your daily dose of Adaptogens over ice this summer! Adaptogens help the body adapt to various stressors and it’s important to consume them consistently for these unique botanicals to work their magic. As the warm weather has us wanting to get outside, prep for your adventures by brewing up some refreshing and health-promoting iced tea.
  • 8 All Natural Ways to Sharpen your Focus

    Memory, focus and mental sharpness are the unseen benefits that can improve our quality of life as we age. There is no shortage of studies showing the correlation between anti-inflammatory foods, adaptogens and nootropics helping to balance internal stress cycles and sharpen cognition. 
  • 5 Ways to Heal Your Gut Naturally

    Gut health is one of the most important contributors to overall wellness. The state of your digestive tract affects how you digest food and the amount of nutrients you absorb. Beyond that, the gut microbiome housed in the digestive tract has an impact on metabolism, mood and mental health, and plays a huge role in our immune system.
  • Why Natural Flavouring Isn’t as “Natural” as You’d Think

    Natural flavours are the 4th most common ingredient on food labels today. In fact, the only ingredients you’ll see more often are salt, water, and sugar. Natural flavouring is ambiguously titled by design and offers a false sense of security to consumers scanning ingredient labels.