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Yerba Mate: 4 Health and Performance Benefits of this Magical Plant

Yerba Mate: 4 Health and Performance Benefits of this Magical Plant

Yerba Mate, also called Mate, is a similar beverage to coffee and tea. It's naturally caffeinated and made from Ilex paraguariensis leaves that can be served cold or hot. Yerba Mate is an adaptogen high in antioxidants and nutrients, commonly used to increase energy, mental focus, performance enhancement, and reduce inflammation. Originally from South America, this herbal drink is an excellent natural pick-me-up for slow mornings and exhausting days. 

Yerba Mate leaves have been used for centuries to prepare beverages. Despite broad use, it wasn't until the 20th century that scientific research began to test its chemical composition and positive effects on the human body. Aside from beverages, Yerba Mate’s concentrated extracts are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. Below we have 4 impressive health and performance benefits of this magical plant. 

     1. Enhances Physical Performance.

Yerba Mate offers a balanced energy boost without causing jitters while enhancing mental focus and physical performance. Several human studies observed improved alertness, short-term recall, and reaction time in participants who consumed Yerba Mate daily. Often used as a coffee alternative as Yerba Mate works to stimulate neurons and promote brain activity, conscious awareness, memory, concentration, and reasoning. It’s not the headliner ingredient in our Energy blend by accident.


     2. Helps With Weight Loss. 

Yerba Mate has been known to boost metabolism and curb appetite, resulting in weight loss. Yerba Mate increases the body's reliance on fat for fuel during exercise. It may also improve muscle contractions and reduce fatigue, contributing to better physical performance. 

Drinking this herbal tea before a workout can even enhance fat burning and calorie expenditure throughout the activity, according to a 2014 study published in Nutrition & Metabolism. Another clinical study proved that Yerba Mate significantly prolongs gastric emptying time, influencing the feeling of fullness and resulting in a significant weight loss during the 45 days of the experiment in overweight patients.

Drinking Yerba Mate, especially as a component of functional foods can help to combat chronic diseases such as lipid metabolism disorders, elevated blood glucose levels, obesity, and even inflammation. According to several studies done over the years, Yerba Mate is said to be effective in averting cytotoxicity linked with blood flow restraint heart disorders such as stroke and heart attack.


     3. Lowers Risks of Heart Diseases.

Consumption of Yerba Mate may also affect heart function in a positive way. After consuming Yerba Mate tea, antioxidant compounds are absorbed and appear in the circulating plasma, exerting antioxidant effects. Yerba Mate's high levels of Theobromine increase blood flow by relaxing the constricted smooth muscle in vessels, allowing for increased oxygen and efficient nutrient delivery. Relaxing these muscles can also lower blood pressure and protect your cardiovascular health. 

The regular consumption of Yerba Mate beverages is categorized as functional food intake due to its many antioxidants. Several papers suggest that Yerba Mate consumption may be an excellent food source for humans to cut cardiovascular risk factors. Combining physical activity with functional foods enhances metabolic and cardiovascular protective benefits and can also provide a basis for preventing lifestyle-related type 2 diabetes.


     4. Helps With Digestion.

Regular consumption of Yerba Mate can help soothe an upset stomach and digestion problems. Several papers have reported results from preclinical and clinical studies, suggesting that Yerba Mate consumption may be an effective food source to improve digestion. 

Yerba mate is rich in inulin which can aid digestion and promote a healthy gut by assisting in the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Studies have demonstrated that Yerba Mate leaves have antioxidant, antiobesity, antidiabetic, digestive improvement, and cardiovascular properties, and can even protect from cellular damage that may cause chronic diseases in the future.


We love our coffee at Clover but if you're looking for an alternative to that second cup of java, Yerba Mate is a great swap so you don’t experience the jitters and afternoon crash that can come with too much coffee. Why not reach for an energizing alternative that increases physical performance and offers additional health benefits, such as lowering heart disease risk, reducing inflammation, boosting energy, and helping with weight loss. 

As with all adaptogens, the benefits become more pronounced if consumed daily. Our Energy blend features Yerba Mate along with Rhodiola, Ginseng, Cocoa, Hibiscus, Chicory, and Licorice Root. These powerful ingredients work to boost mental clarity and overall cognitive function while encouraging a healthy stress response. Shop all of our Adaptogenic Super Tea here.