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How to Prepare your Body for the Seasonal Shifts of Fall

How to Prepare your Body for the Seasonal Shifts of Fall


In our modern world, we tend to become more disconnected with seasonal changes happening outside our window. Heating and AC control our climate while produce flown in from Mexico ensures we never have to go a day without strawberries. Even everyday conveniences like indoor lighting forge a disconnection to what is happening outdoors. 

Fall is an ideal time to calibrate and reconnect with the seasonal changes happening in your climate. This time of year also signifies a return to work or school for many, jam-packed schedules and potential exposure to illness, making a focus on health and well-being a top priority this season ahead.

Below we have 8 ways you can prepare your body for fall:

1. Eat Seasonally.

This is hugely important because the area where you live provides the nutrients you need for your body to adapt to the changes in that specific area and climate. Listen to your Mother (Nature). It’s also a great way to support your local farmers.

Creamy cauliflower sweet potato soup in a bowl with sliced fresh bread and parsley.

2. Consume Hearty Meals.

The beauty of fall is the newfound appreciation of cozy, grounding meals like stews, oatmeal and curries. Comforting and nourishing, there are endless warming autumn recipes out there to try, and it’s a great way to consume the local harvest produce in your area.

3. Prioritize Hydration.

The dryness of the season paired with the ravages of electrical heating can zap your body of moisture. Make necessary adjustments to your skincare routine and incorporate plenty of oil from healthy fats to combat this change. Focus on hydrating throughout the day by drinking water, herbal tea, and don’t forget that we also consume water from the foods we eat - a well balanced diet including fruits and veggies will help keep you hydrated.

Autumn warming spices

4. Incorporate Warming Spices.

There is a reason why people go nuts for pumpkin spice flavoured everything once the leaves start to change. We are biologically driven to consume warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg during the fall months as they can help control blood sugar, enhance circulation and promote good digestive health.

5. Prepare your Space.

Sprucing up your space, decluttering and storing the items you won’t be using will help you feel prepared for the colder months ahead. While you are doing this, focus on creating a cozy space by using textures, ambient lighting and plants which will make the time you spend indoors much more enjoyable.

Man hiking in mountains during autumn.

6. Get Outside.

Now is the time to layer up and get outside. Nature immersion is proven to have profound de-stressing potential and the more you get outside during the day will help to reset and calibrate your internal circadian rhythm. Dress in layers, fill up your to-go mug with a warm beverage and head outside to get the most out of this fleeting season.

Clover Rest - Ashwagandha + Valerian Adaptogenic Herbal Tea

7. Build a Seasonal Routine.

Once the autumn equinox hits, the hours in the day start slipping away. By aligning your circadian rhythm with the sun, you will feel more energized and alert during the day, more relaxed and ready for sleep in the evening. By consuming herbs that promote rest and relaxation like Ashwagandha, Chamomile and Valerian, you can help calm your mind and body to get into a healthy sleep cycle. 

8. Look Ahead.

Rather than wasting valuable energy mourning the loss of summer, focus on the months to come. Schedule plans, weekends away, pick up a new activity or sign up for that course you’ve been wanting to take. Seasonal shifts are a great opportunity to check in with ourselves, let go of what doesn’t serve us and reconnect with the world around us.

Happy Autumn! 🍁