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Clover’s Winter Spiced Mulled Tea Recipe

Clover’s Winter Spiced Mulled Tea Recipe

Is there anything more comforting around this time of year than a warm mug of mulled wine? The simmering spices waft through your home, welcoming visitors as they walk in the door. With more people than ever choosing to abstain or reduce their alcohol intake these days, we put together our ultimate non-alcoholic glögg recipe (that’s Scandinavian for mulled wine).  

We know what you're thinking…. Mulled wine… hold the wine? Don't knock it till you've tried it! This recipe is herbaceous and brimming with warming spices, seasonal fruits, and stress-system balancing, adaptogenic herbs. 

For this recipe, rather than using wine, we double brewed a batch of our Digest blend that uses Organic Beet, Moringa,  Chicory, Licorice Root, and Rosemary to help support a healthy digestive system. 

Brew up a batch of this gut-healthy glögg to serve to your guests as a digestif mocktail after a decadent dinner, and they'll be inquiring about the status of desert in no time. 


3-4 Clover Digest pyramid teabags

4-6 cups of boiling water

1 Cinnamon stick per person

1 handful of Star Anise

1 handful of Cloves 

1 Orange - cut into wheels 

Splash of Pomegranate juice (adjusted to taste)

Fresh Rosemary to garnish 



Brew the tea then set aside for 25 minutes to steep, once ready add the pomegranate juice, orange, cloves, cinnamon, and star anise in a saucepan. Gently warm over low heat for at least 10 minutes, to allow the flavours to combine. Strain and pour into mugs with a garnish of fresh rosemary. (Serves 4-6)