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5 Ways to Increase Your Immunity (naturally)


If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that our immunity and health are worth prioritizing, even when we’re healthy. When our immune system is firing on all cylinders it detects potential threats, like viruses and bacteria, and triggers an immune response to illuminate them. Think of your immune system like an enforcer for your internal system that you must keep in fighting form so it can do its job. In order to do so there’s a few critical things you should be incorporating into your everyday routine. Read below to learn 5 ways you can improve your immune system function naturally.

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1. Eat your veggies

A balanced diet with a focus on fruits, vegetables, and superfoods helps fortify your immune system because they are full of essential nutrients like vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, which work to bolster your immune function. Additionally, incorporating more antioxidant rich plant-based foods into your diet can help reduce the oxidative stress that can degrade your immune system.

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2. Get some shut eye

We’ve all been there, tossing and turning as the clock keeps ticking later into the night (and even morning). The best way to limit this scenario is by ensuring you are getting adequate exercise throughout the day. Make your bed a place of relaxation and rest by ditching blue light devices at least one hour before bed, as the light emitted from your phone, TV, and computer can be disruptive to your sleep rhythm.

If you’re still tossing and turning, look for any specific issues that might be disrupting your Zzzzz’s. Streetlights keeping you up? Try wearing eye shades. Are sounds from the street disturbing your sleep? Try a white noise app or machine.

If all else fails many swear by this time-tested relaxation and sleep tactic used by the military to ensure soldiers stay rested and alert.

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3. Exercise regularly

In addition to helping with sleep hygiene, studies show that those who commit to regular exercise often suffer less infections than those who do not. In fact, as little as 30 minutes of physical activity, 3 days a week, can provoke an anti-inflammatory response on the body. Exercise also promotes blood circulation, which keeps the cells of the immune system moving so that they can do their job as efficiently as possible. One study revealed that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise stimulated the immune system, which produces an anti-inflammatory cellular response.


4. Wash your hands

Yeah, yeah, we know you know. Might we offer this entertaining Youtube tutorial and “washing dance” created by Vietnamese choreographer Quang Đăng.


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5. Incorporate adaptogens into your routine

Adaptogens come in many forms (plants, roots, herbs, mushrooms) and are called as such because of their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to suit the body’s specific needs. We like to think of adaptogens as "plants with intuition” working to strike a balance within the glands involved in the body’s stress system, which in turn regulates internal processes like immunity. We think these plants, and the effects they can have on our internal system is pretty profound, which is why we infuse each of our teas with sustainably sourced adaptogens and complimentary botanical blends.


All of our tips above work best in concert with each other and when done with regularity. Use these tips to help protect your immune system so it can get back to protecting you!