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Adaptogenic Super Tea Starter Kit (All 6 Blends for 10% off)

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Adaptogenic Herbal Tea
6 canisters - one of each blend

Immunity - Supergreens + Tulsi
15 pyramid sachets (30 g) Caffeine-free
Drink your greens. Clover Immunity packs a superfood punch. Tulsi ‘holy basil’, a heavy-hitting adaptogen is paired with Broccoli to help strengthen and support overall immunity. This organic blend works in harmony to help keep you on your toes.

Digest - Beet + Moringa
15 pyramid sachets (45 g) Caffeine-free
Keep it moving. Clover Digest helps keep your gut in check. Beets combined with adaptogenic Moringa work together to help calm inflammation and promote overall gut health. This organic blend is crafted to assist with all angles of digestion.

Restore - Tomato + Turmeric
15 pyramid sachets (45 g) Caffeine-free
No off days. Clover Restore keeps you moving by shortening recovery time. Tomato is paired with Turmeric, a mighty adaptogen that helps to ease inflammation throughout the body. This organic blend is crafted to help you heal from within, so you can get back at it faster.

Energy - Yerba Mate + Rhodiola
15 pyramid sachets (45 g) Light caffeine
Let’s do this. Clover Energy gets you up & at em’ – without the jitters. Powerful adaptogens Yerba Mate and Rhodiola work to enhance mental focus, clarity and overall cognitive function. This organic blend is crafted to prepare your mind for the grind.

Rest - Ashwagandha + Valerian
15 pyramid sachets (22.5 g) Caffeine-free
Get some zen. Clover Rest helps you master the art of chill. Ashwagandha, a potent adaptogen is paired with Valerian to help balance stress hormones, calm anxiety and improve sleep quality. This organic blend helps your body relax and rest so you can operate at your best.

Cleanse - Mushrooms + Ginger
15 pyramid sachets (45 g) Caffeine-free
Clean your machine. Clover Cleanse encourages a full body detox. An adaptogenic blend of Reishi, Chaga and Ginger help to cleanse and protect against oxidative damage. This organic blend is crafted with ingredients thought to renew, recharge & rebuild your cells from the inside out.

• Restore balance + ease stress naturally
• Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free
• Compostable Pyramid Tea Sachets
• 1% of all sales go to Plastic Pollution Coalition

Adaptogens are plants sought after for their ability to help the body resist and cope with mental and physical stress. Clover crafts targeted adaptogenic blends to help you reach your personal best. Clover is committed to helping people while minimizing the impact on the planet.

Our Ingredients

Learn more about the ingredients we use in our adaptogenic super tea blends.